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Controlled Rate Freezers for every application available from Planer plc the world's leading supplier of medical freezers and liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage vessels.

Controlled rate Freezers of various sizes and performance capabilities, liquid nitrogen storage vessels and other equipment available from a worldwide network of distributors.

Planer plc controlled rate freezers are used in the application areas of ivf, bone marrow freezing, cell line freezing and many more. The controlled rate freezers are supremely accurate and for most models PC software is available to enhance the user interface, to provide almost infinite data and program storage (limited only by the hard disk and operating sytem).

An internal printer is also optional on some models. Sizes range from 1.7 litres to 280 litres and so if you have one embryo or a batch of vaccine there is a model for you.

Many thousands of Planer controlled rate freezers are in use around the world in hundreds of hospitals, ivf clinics and pharmacutical companies.

Planer plc supplies worldwide support for its controlled rate freezer range through its wide range of distributors.

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